Road Network

Road Network Upto Thar Coalfields

  • Name of Scheme: Improvement And Widening Of Road Network From Sea Port Karachi To Thar Coalfields (360 kms)
  • Scope: Thar Coal Mining will involve huge machinery. This huge machinery will have to be moved from Seaport to Coal Mine sites. It is expected that huge machinery such as shovels, trucks, loaders and dozers as huge as 13 meters will be used in open pit mining process. For the transportation of huge mining machinery, the existing road network up to Thar Coal fields requires up-gradation and widening. In order to improve and widen the existing road network, the existing road will have to bear 70 ton bridge carrying capacity with a height minimum 3.2 meters and width of 7 meters.

Government of Sindh through Works and Services Department has prepared a PC-I for improvement and widening of existing road network from Seaport to Islamkot through Thatta-Sujjawal, Badin-Nindo, Wango-Mithi, Islamkot -Thario Haelpota having the
total distance of 360 kms.

Scope of Work
  • Improvement and Widening Karachi-Thatta-Sujjawal-Badin upto Wango More.
  • Construction of Golarchi Bypass Road Mile 0/0-3/7=6.2km (24 feet with asphalt concrete).
  • Construction/Widening and Reconditioning of Bypass Road from Badin-Sujjawal to Hyderabad-Khokhki Road Mile 0/0-7/4.
  • Construction/Widening and Reconditioning of Nindo Bypass Road Mile 0/0-5/0.
  • Construction/Widening and Reconditioning of Khokhki Bypass Mile 0/0-4/0.
  • Construction of Shaadi Large Bypass Road Mile 0/0-4/4.
  • Widening Reconditioning of Road from Wango Patan Thario Halepoto Mile 0/0-83/2(134.00 km).

This is a very busy in-district road connecting major towns. It has also strategic importance for use of army and rangers. This road is used as a mainstream road and shortest link route to interconnect main districts like Mirpurkhas, Mithi, Badin, Tando Muhamamd Khan, Hyderabad and Karachi. Therefore, it will be most beneficial for the local people. The Agriculture land is very fertile in this region and this route will provide easy and economic route for transportation of agriculture products to the nearest market as well.