Underground Coal Gasification Project Block – V

BLOCK – V: Underground Coal Gasification Project
TThe Planning Commission, GoP had approved project and engaged Dr. Samar Mubarakmand to develop a local technology and execute the Pilot Project at Block V.

  • This project would be scaled up for 2x50MW Power Plant based on IGCC technology. Pilot Burn was ignited in December, 2012.
  • Planning Commission, GoP has conducted Project Appraisal in June, 2012 and decided that the pilot project should be operationalized for power generation of 8-10 MW electricity within a period of 10-12 months.
  • As reported by UCG Project, syngas purification plant and power generators (5 MVA) have been installed and power production commenced on 28th May, 2015. Currently a total of 10MVa (8MW) of power is available from the facility.